Collation of minor use information for the Australian Olive Industry

4 pages
Code: 08-201
Published: 25 Nov 2008
Author(s): Peter Dal Santo
ISBN: 1-74151-790-7

The Australian Olive Association Ltd (AOA) has been liaising with its members regarding pest management issues. AOA believes their members are under increasing pressure for adequate and appropriate pest management options in olives. Indications are that diseases, insects and weeds are becoming more prevalent but the control options available to growers are limited. The report collates information supplied by key stakeholders in the Australian olive industry with regards to: major plant pests, current control techniques, the issues faced by growers, current and future research available. The collation of this information will provide a sound background of pest and pesticide issues for the attendees involved in the olive Strategic Agrichemical Review Process planned for October 2008. Available for free download only.