Global Challenges

Infrastructure Regulation – Cost methodologies and processes

TM Dwyer et al

The purpose of this Report is to address the theoretical arena of access and pricing determinations of the regulatory agencies and show how the detailed submissions made to regulatory agencies by i...

Supply chain management – building partnerships and alliances in international food agribusiness

Glen Thompson Global Linkages Pty Ltd

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation commissioned this report, which arose from a four-day executive development program held in Singapore in late 1999, sponsored by RIRDC. The...

International Trends in the Structure of Agricultural Cooperatives

John O'Connor, Glen Thompson

The report summarises the combined outcomes of two projects, which together considered the issue of changes in cooperative structures. It arose from a tour of agricultural cooperatives in the USA ...

Professional regulation: as impact on rural Australia

Greg Cutbush, Greg Martin

The main question addressed in the report is whether red tape in the form of professional regulations is acting as one of the causes of the observed declines in service levels in rural areas, just ...

Market Power in the Australian food chain: Towards a research agenda

Roley Piggott, Garry Griffith, John Nightingale

Questions that are being addressed include whether market power is increasing or decreasing as a result of changes in the structure and management of the food chain, and how various parties (farmer...

Improving Japanese agricultural trade policies – issues, options and strategies

Dr Ray Trewin

This project examines the current state of Japanese agriculture and looks at recent developments affecting the key issues, options and strategies for improving Japanese agricultural policies. The ...

Foreign Investment in Australian Food and Fibre

Wondu Holdings Pty Ltd

The study results improve our understanding of the role of foreign owned firms in the Australian food and fibre supply chains. There are, however, quite serious data limitations about foreign inves...

Research in Progress - Global Competitiveness 1999-2000

Dr Jeff Davis

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Export-Led Growth: Lessons from Australia’s Wine Industry

Kym Anderson

The purpose of the present report is to draw out the lessons that can be learnt from the wine industry and reflect on their relevance to other small rural industries. It begins by summarizing brie...

Thinking of Asia – evaluating the effectiveness of student market research

Ray Collins, Tony Dunne, Ben Woodhouse

Since 1993, as core to the curriculum of the Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) program at the University of Queensland Gatton College, final year undergraduate students have engaged in commercial...

Infrastructure pricing, provision and process – implications for rural Australia

R K H Lim, Bob Lim et al

This report sets out to examine both the intellectual underpinnings of national competition policy and some of their practical implications for rural and regional Australia. It comes at an appropr...

Intellectual property in agricultural trade

John Asker, Andrew Stoeckel

This report identifies some of the opportunities, and pitfalls, for Australian agriculture in the coming review of international IP law.

Agribusiness opportunities in Kalimantan & Sulawesi

Cisca Spencer, David Quane

This research surveys the agribusiness opportunities for Australian companies in selected regions of Indonesia. Recognising that Indonesia is a very large and diverse country, not a single market, ...

Structural change in the farm inputs industry

S Heilbron et al

This publication investigates and brings together for the first time in Australia, infrastructure covering some of Australia’s key farm input sectors. It examines the structural changes occurring ...

Collaborative marketing by agricultural producers

R. Murray-Prior et al

This publication considers some of the features of group marketing together with general features of membership groups and how they influence the effectiveness of collaborative marketing groups. I...

Liberalising world trade in agriculture

International Trade Strategies Pty Ltd

Food and agricultural products remain one of the most heavily protected sectors of world trade, despite the removal of barriers to trade in most industrial products over the last fifty years. Au...

Impact of indirect taxes on Australian farms

Geoff Carmody, Access Economics Pty Ltd

This work was done by Access Economics Pty Ltd for the Corporation. Their work found that the current set of indirect taxes on agriculture results in: • an overall indirect tax burden (net of subs...